Know Nuclear Waste is a  public interest project about nuclear waste management in Canada,  

Know Nuclear Waste is coordinated by Northwatch, a non-profit group based on northeastern Ontario. Northwatch has been very involved in the review of options for the long-term management of nuclear waste since communities throughout northern Ontario were first investigated as possible burial sites by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited in the early 1980s. Like many of our neighbours and like the dozens of communities along the potential transportation route between the nuclear reactors of southern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick and any of the communities that the NWMO might investigate, we are concerned about the prospect of nuclear waste being transported through our region and about the environmental and social consequences of placing a community in northern Ontario on the receiving end of all of the wastes generated by Canadian nuclear reactors – 50,000 tonnes to date and rising.

With the launch of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s search for a community willing to be investigated as the possible location for a “geological repository” for nuclear fuel waste, Northwatch committed to supporting communities who may find themselves entangled in a siting process for nuclear waste, and to supporting communities who may be unwilling to take on such a burden but find themselves en route between the reactors – where the waste is currently stored – and a community that is being considered by the NWMO as a possible recipient of the waste.

Our interest is in supporting community members – and communities – in having access to a full range of information about nuclear waste and the challenges in safely managing it over the very long time frame required, including from independent sources and other communities who have had similar experiences.

This blog is being launched on June 1, 2012 as a companion to the web site  which was  launched November 1st, 2010, responding to the information needs of those concerned about the long term hazards embodied in nuclear waste.  The purpose of this blog is provide a common on-line repository for news items and updates; the propose of the web site is to provide background information on nuclear fuel waste, its hazards, and its history in Canada. 

Please send your questions and suggestions to and we’ll do our best to respond in a timely and helpful manner.

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