Now the Land and Environmental Court has made its opinion to the government regarding the final disposal method of nuclear waste in Forsmark: “There is still uncertainty about the ability of the canister to contain the nuclear waste in the long term.”

Forsmark – On Tuesday, two important opinions came about Swedish Nuclear Fuel Management AB’s application for a license for nuclear waste disposal. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SMM) recommends that the government give permission for a final nuclear fuel spent in Forsmark and an incineration plant in Oskarshamn.

“SSM’s message shows that our final disposal concept, which we researched and developed for almost 40 years, is capable of meeting the very high standards of radiation safety,” commented SKB CEO Eva Halldén after the announcement.

Later on Tuesday , the Land and Environmental Court’s opinion also came to the government, which then made the decisive decision. Judgment of the Court: Additional information about the capsule is necessary in order for the final repository to be allowed.

“The uncertainties are about the extent to which the capsules can be damaged by corrosion and processes that affect the mechanical strength of the capsule. The overall investigation shows that the uncertainty about the capsule’s protective ability is significant and that all uncertainties have not been taken into account in SKB’s safety analysis. current safety analysis reveals that the final repository is safe in the long run, “says the opinion.

The conclusion is that the final repository can be permitted under the Environmental Code only if SKB reports additional documentation that clarifies that the repository is safe even with regard to the capability of the capsule, the court will inform.

Regarding SKB’s application for permission to operate at the existing Clab plant and the planned Clink enclosure in Oskarshamn, the court is of the opinion that operations may be permitted under the Environmental Code.

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