The Ontario Power Generation is planning on burying nuclear waste about 1.2 kilometres from Lake Huron, sparking criticism from environmental groups and Indigenous communities.

Canadian Press | A new report from Ontario Power Generation overwhelmingly affirms the utility’s long-held position that the best place for a nuclear-waste bunker is on the Lake Huron shoreline.

One of the biggest problems with burying the hazardous waste somewhere else would come from having to truck it up to 2,000 kilometres, increasing the risk of radiological accidents and pollution, the 143-page analysis concludes.

The only minor advantage — amid a sea of disadvantages — to locating a bunker elsewhere might be less disturbance of Indigenous heritage sites, such as burial grounds, the report finds.

Even so, the overall impact on Indigenous peoples will probably be lower if the deep geologic repository is built, as proposed, at the Bruce nuclear plant near Kincardine, the report states.

“There is the potential that the total risk may be increased on Indigenous peoples if the (facility) is constructed at an alternate location,” the report states. “This (is) due to the introduction of a new facility in an area previously without a nuclear facility, as well as the transportation of wastes to that facility.”

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By COLIN PERKEL, The Canadian Press, Tues., May 30, 2017, as posted at