Federal Government Expected To Determine Fate Of Nuclear Waste Facility At Bruce Power Next Year (June 2016)

Ontario Power Generation now hopes for a decision about the planned Deep Geologic Repository for low and intermediate level nuclear waste at the Bruce Power site sometime next year.

The proposal is to stash the waste 680 metres underground, but the project was delayed as the federal Environment Minister wanted more information following environmental assessments.

In 2015 an assessment panel concluded the project is not likely to cause adverse environmental effects, and the Bruce Nuclear site right beside Lake Huron is appropriate.

The Federal Government requested additional information this year, asking that alternate locations be studied, along with the cumulative affect of the nuclear waste storage facility near the also proposed used fuel DGR.

OPG will look at the impact of locating the Repository for high level nuclear fuel in the same region and the DGR for Low and intermediate waste.

A site selection process for the used nuclear fuel storage project is underway, with several local communities expressing interest in hosting the facility. They include Huron-Kinloss, Central-Huron and South Bruce.

OPG will look at the environmental effects and the feasibility criteria for alternate sites and study sedimentary rock or granite rock.

They will also study transportation of radioactive waste, acquisition of lands for a new nuclear waste site, and economic impacts.

They hope to wrap up the new studies by the end of the year.

Kevin Powers of Ontario Power Generation put together a presentation for Brockton council on the revised schedule for the project.

He says a decision is expected next year.

OPG feels the Bruce Power site is adequate as the nuclear waste will be stored 1.5 kilometres underground.

By Janice MacKayJune 6, 2016 3:20pm, Blackburn News, as posted at https://blackburnnews.com/midwestern-ontario/midwestern-ontario-news/2016/06/06/federal-government-expected-determine-fate-nuclear-waste-facility-bruce-power-next-year/

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