Map courtesy of NWMO This is the map of the three blocks the NWMO hopes to take a closer look at. They are currently flying over the large block at the right.

In the May 5 edition of The Standard, one item in the story ‘NWMO to focus on three areas to the north of North Shore’ needs clarification.

The story says the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) will focus its attention on three tracts of land in the region as the possible home for its proposed high-level nuclear waste repository.

While they are currently focussing on the most eastern tract of land, they have not yet held discussions with the user groups of the other two blocks, which are to the west of the larger block.

Mike Krizanc, NWMO communications manager, says the other two areas could be done after consulting the user groups.

The three block areas are between 40 and 100 kilometres north of the four North Shore communities. The largest block appears to be about 15 kilometres northeast of Aubrey Lake.

The Standard regrets any inconvenience this might have caused.

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