Nuclear dump decision: Canada asks for more environmental info from OPG (Feburary 2016)

Instead of granting or denying a license to build a nuclear dump, the Canadian government has asked Ontario Power Generation for more information and additional studies.

Canadian Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna had been expected to make a decision on the Deep Geological Repository for Low- and Intermediate-Level Nuclear Waste, proposed for the shore of Lake Huron in the Ontario municipality of Kincardine, by March 1.

Instead, McKenna made her request for more information on Feb. 18.

“The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is asking us for more information,” said Neal Kelly, director of media for OPG.

Brennain Lloyd, of the Canadian-based Northwatch, a leading opponent of the project, had a positive response to the decision.

“Every delay is a bit closer to a win,” said Lloyd. “This is ‘good decision number 2’ from the still-relatively-new minster; (the) first (was) to extend her timeline for making the decision, and now to ask for more information. Of course, we’d love her to just deny it, but (that’s) hard to do under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency rules. So this is pretty good… I’m happy! Very happy!”

U.S. Rep. Candice Miller and Michigan State Sen. Phil Pavlov applauded McKenna’s decision to seek more information.


By Jim Bloch, For The Voice, as posted February 20, 2016 at

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