PERSON has died and another has been badly injured after a nuclear waste storage site tunnel collapsed.

The incident happened at the nuclear waste storage plant in Bure, France

The storage facility in Bure, northeastern France, is currently under construction at an underground laboratory of the National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (Andra).

Fire services said the two victims, including a seriously injured person, are trapped 500 metres below the ground as emergency services attempt to reach them.

Officials from the Strasbourg prefecture said the front of a tunnel being drilled about 500 metres deep had collapsed while measurements were being taken.

Andra’s deep geological storage project was designed to bury France’s highly radioactive nuclear waste hundreds of metres underground for about 100,000 years, before it is not dangerous to humans anymore.The nuclear waste plant is run by Andra

One person was killed in the collapse

The Government’s final investment decision on the ¬£18.8billion project is not expected before 2020, but Andra has already dug deep shafts to test the soil and its future installations.

France is the largest producer per capita of nuclear power in the world, with 75 per cent of the country’s total electricity production coming from fission-electric power stations.

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