The Town of Ignace is seeing some increased activity as the Nuclear Waste Management Organization begins construction on a new office.

The shovels officially hit the ground last month, and work began to convert an old hardware store in the town’s market square to a new NWMO office space.

The Ignace area is one of nine in Ontario currently involved in the NWMO site selection process. The NWMO’s mandate is to build and operate an underground storage facility for Canada’s used nuclear fuel.

It provides more room for board meetings, offices and equipment.

With those improvements, the town will see more company representatives from out of town coming for meetings and further exploration.

Mayor Lee Kennard says even with construction still in progress, he is seeing increased traffic, and he expects more to come.

Construction on the new office is expected to be finished by February of next year.

It’s all part of a $21-billion project that is about 30 years away from being operational.

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