Decision delayed on lakeside nuclear waste disposal (December 2015)

OTTAWA—For the second time, a decision on whether or not to approve a low-level and intermediate-level waste at the Bruce Nuclear site, the Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) proposed by Ontario Power Generation (OPG), located just a few hundred metres from the waters of Lake Huron, has been delayed.

Over the past two years there have been extensive hearings on the proposed nuclear waste site, with vigorous objections raised by First Nations and state and municipal leaders on both sides of the border. Despite the opposition to the proposal, the Joint Review Panel recommended approval of the project and a decision was expected in early December.

That decision was first delayed by federal election and now the fate of the DGR project lies in the hands of the new federal minister of the Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna. On November 27, Minister McKenna announced the decision will be delayed to March 1 of next year. For its part, OPG issued a statement that it respects the minister’s need for more time to review the Joint Review Panel’s recommendation before deciding whether to move forward with the project.


By Michael Erskine, Dec 16, 2015, Manitoulin Expositor, as posted at

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