Decision On Nuclear DGR Pushed Back (November 2015)

Liberal Environment Minister says there will be no decision on DGR until March 1st 2016.
(Tiverton) – Ontario Power Generation is going to have to wait for a final decision on its Deep Geologic Repository plans in Tiverton.

Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has announced there will be no decision until March 1st, 2016.

OPG has spent over 10-years studying the feasibility of a DGR at its Bruce Power site which concluded with two sets of detailed public meetings.

OPG’s proposal calls for low and intermediate level nuclear waste to be buried 680-metres under ground.

The waste is currently stored in buildings above-ground.

The plan has received support from nearby municipalities but many other groups, including government officials from Michigan, are against the project, saying the waste should not be buried so close to Lake Huron.

The government was initially supposed to decide by September whether to greenlight the proposed DGR.

However, the previous Conservative government pushed that back until December –after the election.

The one-billion-dollar underground storage has won preliminary approval from the Joint Review Panel but needs a green light from Ottawa.

Friday, November 27, 2015 6:35 AM by John Divinski, Bayshore Broadasting, as posted at

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