An Ontario Lobby Group is hopeful the incoming Liberal Government will live up to a promise to protect the environment, and put a stop to plans to bury nuclear waste a kilometre from Lake Huron at Bruce Power.

Beverly Fernandez of the Group “Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump” says 40-million people rely on the great lakes for drinking water.

She says so far, the world’s nuclear waste burial sites have a 100 per cent failure rate.

“We do have to keep in mind that there are only three nuclear waste burial sites on our entire planet, and all three of them have leaked,” says Fernandez.

She says taking that kind of risk defies logic.

Fernandez adds Ontario Power Generation did not look at any other site in a a province of a million square kilometres.

The proposed DGR would encase low and medium level nuclear waste in ancient rock 680 metres below ground.

She says 87,000 people have signed a petition opposing the plan, and 177 municipalities on both sides of the border have passed resolutions to keep Deep Geologic Repository out of the Great Lakes Basin.

A Joint Environmental Review Panel supported the plan last spring, and the environment minister was due to make a decision in December under the old government.

Fernandez expects the decision to be delayed due to the huge volume of information the incoming environment minister needs to assess.

October 28, 2015 12:37pm, Blackburn News, as posted at