Nuclear officials are in the early stages of picking future sites to bury used nuclear fuel.

So far, Central Huron has potential to meet site selection requirements, whether or not it decides to host a Deep Geological Repository (DGR) in the future.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization says Central Huron is one of nine communities to continue past the first phase of preliminary assessment for a DGR.

However, NWMO officials confirm this does not mean the municipality has any areas which could technically house the used nuclear fuel.

It simply means Central Huron has been identified for more detailed studies to assess technical, scientific and social suitability for hosting a deep geological repository for used nuclear fuel.

Officials say it will take several more years to complete the necessary studies to find a preferred site, and Central Huron has not been asked to confirm it’s willingness to host the project.

As posted by Bayshore Broadcasting, 29 October, 2015; Read story plus NWMO news release at