Fermi 2 nuclear power plant (Monroe News file photo)

Operators at the nuclear reactor at DTE Energy’s Fermi 2 nuclear power plant noticed unexpected changes recently as the plant remains shut down.

Guy D. Cerullo, manager of nuclear communications for DTE Energy, said during one of the maintenance activities, operators noticed an “unexpected change in the water in the spent fuel pool,” where used fuel is stored.

“Operators took immediate actions to isolate the drain path and stop the flow,” he said. “The water level in the fuel pool stayed constant throughout this time.”

That incident occurred at 9:56 a.m. Sunday

On Friday, maintenance technicians were performing checks on the discharge flange and found several bolts were not torqued properly.

“The plant has 15 safety relief valves,” Mr. Cerullo explained. “While working on one of them, personnel noted that 12 of 16 bolts on a discharge flange for the valve were not adequately torqued or tightened.”

Mr. Cerullo said the safety relief value worked “as designed” during the recent plant operations and shutdown.

“We are investigating the issue now and do not have any conclusions yet,” he said.

The two recent incidents are unsettling to local anti-nuclear activists.

Michael Keegan of Don’t Waste Michigan issued a statement Monday saying “yesterday morning the Fermi 2 experienced a very serious unusual event with the potential to drain the reactor vessel.”

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