Flin Flon city council plans to accept $250K gift (August 2015)

Flin Flon city council is planning a motion to accept a quarter of a million dollars for community projects. Nuclear Waste Management Organization recently announced that Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach would each receive $250,000 in recognition of their work with NWMO. City council must carry a motion to accept the funds and agree to abide by the criteria for how it is spent. The money must go toward a beneficial community project and cannot simply be put into general coffers. Council was expected to pass that motion as early as last Tuesday, August 4, but Mayor Cal Huntley said that due to a staff absence, the resolution was not ready. Huntley reiterated council’s appreciation to NWMO, which worked with area communities as it examined land outside Creighton as a possible site for nuclear-waste storage. In March, NWMO declared Creighton’s geology was unsuitable for the project.

Flin Flon Reminder – August 13, 2015

Read story at: http://www.thereminder.ca/news/local-news/flin-flon-city-council-plans-to-accept-250k-gift-1.2028363#sthash.nGPFB9E2.dpuf

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