Regional Government Blocks Nuclear Waste Dump Hours After Spain’s Nuclear Council Gives Go Ahead (July 2015)

The regional government in Castilla La Mancha, led by Socialist Party (PSOE) First Minister Emiliano García Page, has moved to block the construction of a nuclear waste dump in the town of Villar de Cañas just hours after Spain’s Nuclear Security Council gave the green light for preliminary construction work to begin.

El Mundo reported a regional government cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning had decided to increase the size of a nearby natural park and bird protection area from 2,500 acres to 62,000 acres, thus prohibiting any construction work from beginning in the area.

On Monday, Spain’s Nuclear Security Council gave the green light to the construction of a nuclear waste dump in Villar de Cañas (Castilla La Mancha), where radioactive waste is to be stored for up to 100 years.

The council said that the design of the nuclear waste dump should be reinforced compared to earlier proposals to take into account the geological environment near the town.

The council’s decision will be sent to the Industry Ministry for administrative approval for the commencement of the building and infrastructure work.

The decision to propose Villar de Cañas as the location for the dump was one of the first taken by Mariano Rajoy’s new Popular Party government when it came to power in 2011.

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