In November 2010, the Municipality of Ignace became the first municipality in Canada to “express interest” in the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s program to find a location and then construct a “deep geological repository” for the burial of all of Canada’s highly radioactive nuclear fuel waste. In November 2013, as part of “Step 3” of the NWMO siting process, 647 square kilometres of crown land in four blocks surrounding Ignace were set aside for detailed study as potential nuclear waste burial sites.

Concerned about nuclear waste coming to Ignace? Let’s talk about it.

Wednesday, August 12th
Drop In and Information Sharing 2 – 5 pm
Presentation and Community Roundtable 7 – 9 pm

Multi-Purpose Room, Ignace Public Library
36 Highway 17 West, Ignace

Hosted by Northwatch, a public interest group based in northeastern Ontario. For more information about Northwatch’s work and concerns about nuclear waste, visit www.KnowNuclearWaste.ca orwww.nuclearwaste.ca. Information about Northwatch is atwww.northwatch.org or tel 705 497 0373