Northern Ontario | Coming To a Town Near You? Nuclear Waste! (May 2015)

If you live in Northern Ontario it may be coming to a town near you- NUCLEAR WASTE that is. But why here upon the most pristine landscape in Ontario? Why because Southern Ontario doesnt want it of course! And lets face it, when a bunch of slick business guys working for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization- owned by nuclear power entities, roll into town dangling 400,000 bucks in the collective face of the community all in exchange just for a lengthy conversation about nuclear waste storage, its pretty tough to show them door.

As White Rivers Mayor, Angelo Bazzoni, admitted in an interview with the Northern Hoot this winter, If the $400,000 wasnt on the table it wouldnt have been quite as appealing to us.

Of the financial incentive for communities in Northern Ontario to participate in the site selection process Dr. Edwards remarked, These communities do not have their own resources to defend themselves. Theyre being targeted with the most long-lived and the most dangerous industrial waste that the world has ever known. At the very least communities should be entitled to have their own resources to educate themselves in their own way.

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