TORONTO, ON (March 5, 2015) — Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy is calling the recent news report regarding First Nation communities In Ontario accepting nuclear waste disposal agreements from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) as false and misleading.

First Nations in Ontario passed a resolution and declaration that calls for a nuclear-free territory across our homelands, said Ontario regional Chief Beardy. There are no arrangements with NWMO nor is there any truth to the statements made in the news report.

It was reported that Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO) Grand Chief David Harper met with Chiefs of Ontario regarding the nuclear waste agreements. In fact, there werent any meetings. However, Regional Chief Beardy said he is more than willing to meet and work with Grand Chief David Harper on maintaining a healthy and nuclear-free territory.

"NWMO is taking a very non-constructive approach toward advancing their agenda," said Chief Isadore Day of Serpent River First Nation. "The message to Ontarians is very deceptive, with NWMO funnelling resources to the municipalities and in essence, purchasing the illusion that municipalities have jurisdiction in our Treaty lands – this is false."

The provincial and federal government should examine this undertaking and call it for what it is: buying false perception. Municipalities have no say about what development can or cannot take place on Treaty lands – this is the jurisdiction of our Treaty Nations," said Chief Day.

In 2009, nuclear energy and waste sessions were held across Ontario to provide information on the nine-step process of the NWMO to manage existing nuclear waste, as well as the continued production of nuclear energy.

In response to the feedback from the sessions, which included First Nations community leadership, Elders, youth and technical representatives, First Nations in Ontario endorsed a We are the Land report and information video which was distributed with 10 recommendations.

Key recommendations included a collective refusal to storing nuclear waste underground and a resolution and declaration that supported this.

Chiefs of Ontario will seek a retraction and a clarification from the media that reported this.

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