Protests can’t use radioactive logo: Creighton CLC (June 2014)

The Reminder – JUNE 27, 2014 Jonathon Naylor

"A committee studying the potential storage of nuclear waste near Creighton is calling for certain protest signs opposing the project to be taken down.

The Community Liaison Committee voted Tuesday to urge area municipalities to remove any signs in public places that feature the international symbol for radiation.

CLC member Leslie Beck said citizens have the right to voice their concerns around nuclear waste but that symbol is reserved for sites where radioactive material is actually present.

"I would not want people to become complacent with a sign that designates that there could be radiation in the area," Beck told the meeting, held at The Prospector Inn banquet room.

Beck said signs bearing the symbol are used at sites such as Saskatchewan’s Cigar Lake uranium mine and "you have to take them seriously."

Ron Black, another CLC member, said it is in fact illegal to use the symbol where there is no radiation.

CLC member Kari Lcntowicz, who works in the nuclear industry, said if someone at her workplace has a radiation symbol on their hard hat, the hard hat is confiscated.

"It’s not permitted to say that your head is a source of radiation I mean, your head simply is not," Lentowicz said with a gentle laugh.

Les Oystryk made a motion that the municipal councils in Creighton, Flin Flon and Denare Beach be asked in writing to remove "inappropriate or illegal signs" pertaining to nuclear waste.

The motion narrowly survived a 4-3 vote, with Buz Trevor among the opponents.

"It’s not our position to ask the councils to deal with these signs," Trevor said. "To me this is a free speech issue and 1 think we [should] just leave it."

But even Nadine Smart, a vocal nuclear waste opponent who has been attending CLC meetings, agreed that the motion is "totally fair.""

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