By Don Crosby, For The Sun Times
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 8:00:47 EST PM

The only Brockton councillor re-elected in the municipal election plans to introduce a motion to withdraw Brockton from the list of potential homes for a high-level nuclear waste repository.

Chris Peabody, a 14 year veteran councillor, said he ran on a promise to do what he could to get Brockton off the list of possible sites for the underground storage of used nuclear fuel, as did the five new councilors who will be sworn in next month.

Those new council members "ran on a platform similar to mine. I look forward to working with them to cancelling the DGR as well as promoting a platform of fiscal responsibility," Peabody said during an interview following Monday’s council meeting.

"It’s a platform that I ran on and it’s a motion that I will present as the first order of business . . . when the new council is sworn in" in December.

Peabody says he looks "forward to putting this very polarizing chapter behind us and moving on to the business of governing."

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