Michigan Senator Alarmed With Nuclear Waste Burial Near Lake Huron (September 2014)

A Republican Senator from Michigan has suggested Kincardine officials are showing favouritism to the OPG plan for a deep geologic repository because the project would bring more money and jobs to the Kincardine area.

Senator Phil Pavlov made the suggestion yesterday after appearing before the Joint Review Panel which is sitting in Kincardine.

It appears that theres going to be a financial benefit. I was shocked at the low number of jobs that the mayor was talking about. 200 construction jobs, but only potentially 50 jobs going forward. I think that thats an enormous risk for that kind of payoff if jobs is your issue, he says.

He claimed many Michigan residents are alarmed at the project because it would be constructed on the shore of Lake Huron. Pavlov said it doesnt belong in the Great Lakes Basin.

Kincardine Mayor Larry Kraemer told the panel that as an existing nuclear community, Kincardine is aware of the potential risks that come with nuclear facilities, and this awareness continues to make the community receptive to hosting waste management facilities.

A panel member asked him whether there was any objection to the project among councillors. The mayor said there was not.

Ron Coristine, executive director of the Penetangore Regional Economic Development Corporation, told the panel that the community has hosted the nuclear industry since 1968, and is comfortable with having a nuclear power plant in our back yard.

The Lake Huron Fishing Club also made a presentation Thursday at the Joint Review Panel hearings in Kincardine, and promoted having the deep geologic repository constructed beside Bruce Power.

Club Vice President Mike Hahn said the presence of radioactive waste is a concern and the club is very aware of the possible contamination of the waters and all the consequences. However, he said it makes sense to manage the waste at the Bruce Power site.


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