Manitobans owe a debt of gratitude to Eileen Linklater and the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation for their courage in refusing a high-level radioactive waste repository in or near their territory (Northern band says ‘no’ to nuclear waste, July 17).

Creighton, Sask., is currently being considered for the final resting ground of Canada’s stockpile of nuclear fuel rods. As an immediate neighbour to Flin Flon, it shares in Flin Flon’s abundant freshwater resources.

Storing high-level nuclear waste in Creighton puts that water at risk of contamination, a fact duly noted and deemed unacceptable by the band, even given the potential economic spinoffs.

Any nuclear waste going to Creighton will have to pass through the lake country, population centres (notably Winnipeg), agricultural lands and boreal forests of this province on its journey from Eastern Canada.

Manitoba rejected nuclear-waste disposal in this province with legislation back in 1997. Let’s be clear that we do not want this material on our train tracks or highways, putting our communities, land and water at risk.

Anne Lindsey


Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition July 22, 2014 A8

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