LETTER: Nuclear waste dangerous | 91.5 CKPRWin

To the editor:

We in Terrace Bay are opposed to having a nuclear dump put in our backyard.

It seems to us that the nuclear management has bought our councillors and they are muting the people that oppose them. They want 500,000 tonnes of this dangerous chemical buried near our beautiful Lake Superior.

They will have to transport this dangerous nuclear waste, through our towns and cities from the Toronto area, putting all the people at risk should there be an accident.

They want to bury 500,000 tonnes of nuclear waste in four sites in Northern Ontario.

They will have to drill through the mountain rocks the size of four football fields, risking cracking the rock and the waste eventually leaking in our water table, working its way in Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake in the world.

They should keep and contain the nuclear waste where it is made. They should use cleaner energy. This material takes a million years to decay.

We have to say no to nuclear waste. And protect our land for future generations.

Georgette Carriere,
Terrace Bay


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