WIPP Interview with Don Hancock: Sstill don’t know how many containers are involved (June 2014)

Insight New Mexico interviews Don Hancock, director of the Nuclear Waste Safety program and administrator at Southwest Research and Information Center, June 12, 2014 (at 4:00 in):

"They havent been able to physically get to the one or more containers that exploded, or had some kind of a deflagration. They had pictures of one container thats clearly breached, has holes, the lid is off, there are signs that theres melting around, small amounts of fire, etc So clearly something major happened.

"We still dont know how many containers are involved, I think its very likely that its more than the one the reason I think theres probably more than is while this particular container has 16 or 17 curies of plutonium and americium [592 billion to 629 billion becquerels] in it, which is a much larger amount than what the average container is, there are containers including ones sitting right beside it that have more radioactivity.

"We dont know how much came out, but from what we do know, it looks to me that it was more than what could have come out of a single container..

Full interview with Don Hancock

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