Group Led Nipigon Waste Fight (June 2014)

Letter to the Editor – Thunder Bay Chronicle -Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Re: Nipigon Off Nuke Waste Host List.

As good as it is to know that Nipigon is no longer being considered a nuclear waste site, I am deeply troubled by the way it has been presented in the media. There is no mention of the newly formed group, Citizens Against Nuclear Waste in Nipigon (CANWIN), and the critical role they played in this whole messy and manipulative process.

I sincerely doubt Mayor Richard Harvey and his fellow councillors would have opted out of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization process if this group consisting of Nipigon citizens and Red Rock Indian Band members hadnt repeatedly challenged them.

They not only got a petition together, but they all worked hard at educating people in the area about the unquestionable dangers of transporting and storing nuclear waste.

So for all those concerned and distressed people living in or near communities that are still in the selection process to become a nuclear waste site, dont lose hope. As CANWIN has shown, when people band together, they can make a difference.

If anyone out there is interested in more information on this issue, please feel free to email me at kc.
Kim Casey

Northwatch | Box 282 . North Bay . P1B 8H2 | Tel 705 497 0373 |

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