Congratulations to Township of Nipigon and Lake Helen Residents (June 2014)

Letter to the Editor – Thunder Bay Chronicle – Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Congratulations are in order to the township of Nipigon and Lake Helen residents who are standing up for their rights to protect their environment from being a nuclear waste dumping ground.

I am against the Nuclear Waste Management Organizations (NWMO) plans. I do not want nuclear waste stored in Northern Ontario and I do not want nuclear waste transported through Northern Ontario.
As a concerned citizen, I do not understand how anyone with a sane mind can even contemplate that nuclear waste can be stored or transported safely. Take a look at Japan.

Its my understanding that towns with no infastructure are considering the nuclear waste option because of the money that is being offered by NWMO.

No amount of money is worth the damage to our enviroment and future. I applaud Nipigon for standing up for their people and hearing their voices that say no to nuclear waste.
I also applaud Lake Helen residents for standing up for their land and the welfare of their people and the future of their children.

Money and a few jobs are not worth the impact that this nuclear dump will have on the enviroment.
When asked why the nuclear waste cannot be stored where they process it, the answer by NWMO was that southern ontario does not want the nuclear waste in their backyard. (I was at the meeting and heard the answer with my own ears). I say we all stand up as one and let NWMO and our towns know that we dont want it in our backyard.

Surely our town will listen as we make our voices heard loud and clear. We dont want nuclear waste in our backyard, on our roads, on our railways, or anywhere near the gem of the North.
I am calling out to all the people of Northern Ontario to stand up for your land and waterways. Save our environment and our future.

Wendy Morriseau
Terrace Bay

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