By Patrick Bales, Owen Sound Sun Times, Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WALKERTON – New information about Canadas plan to deal with its nuclear waste is being presented to the public at every open house organized by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO).

The NWMO was in Mildmay and Walkerton last week to show off the latest information on the deep geological repository (DGR), specifically dealing with transportation issues.

Sixty to 80 people visited the open house in South Bruce.

Transporting the nuclear waste from the various sites around the country, not just from Tivertons Bruce Power, is serious business, and an issue many opponents of building the DGR in their respective communities point to while making their arguments.

Visitors to the open houses had a chance to look at the container that has been licensed in Canada to house used nuclear fuel and store it as it is transported from where it is used to where it will be eventually stored.

Mike Krizanc, communications manager for the NWMO, was one of the many staff on site last week whose job was to help reassure the residents of municipalities, such as South Bruce and Brockton, that the potential for nuclear waste travelling through their communities was nothing to worry about.

Its a very, very robust container. Its designed in such a manner that even if there was a conventional accident on the road, there would be no release of radiation from the material that is carried within the container, Krizanc explained last Thursday afternoon in Walkerton.

Such is the type of assurance that many who are fearful of the transport of nuclear are seeking. However, Krizanc is the first to admit accidents happen. Still, he is convinced of the safety of the container and its ability to contain all of the radiation in case of emergency.


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