Wednesday, January 29, 201410:41:37 EST AM


Our community was informed on Jan. 16, that Saugeen Shores and Arran-Elderslie are not suitable sites for the high level nuclear waste deep geological repository (DGR).

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) said that the reason for eliminating Saugeen Shores and Arran-Elderslie from the DGR site-selection process was because the geology was not safe for a DGR.

As a result, I am asking the joint review panel, OPG, NWMO and CNSC to re-open the public hearings related to the low and intermediate nuclear waste DGR.

In my view, common sense dictates that the new findings by NWMO that conclude the geology is not safe for a DGR in Saugeen Shores and Arran-Elderslie by definition makes the geology at the Kincardine DGR site, a mere few kilometres away in our same community, unsafe as well, requiring an end to the DGR for low and intermediate nuclear waste at the Kincardine site.

How can geology be safe for a DGR in one part of our community for the next one million years, yet the geology is unsafe for a DGR a few kilometres away in our same community?

Particularly, after only five bore holes were drilled by OPG in an ineffective effort to prove a DGR is safe forever at the Kincardine site. It defies all common sense and logic.

The joint review panel should have this new information and it should be examined in the public forum, ultimately putting an end to the DGR at the Kincardine site.

Our community looks forward to the public hearings being re-opened related to this extraordinary new and crucial evidence.

John Mann

Saugeen Shores

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