Mayor Craig Nuttall and counsellors will travel to Darlington Nuclear Plant for information

CBC NewsPosted: Mar 27, 2013 8:22 AM ET

Dryden’s Mayor says he wants to learn more about nuclear waste, particularly if nearby Ignace is chosen as a disposal site.

Craig Nuttall said he wouldn’t want to store the material near his city, but said he is approaching the issue “with a very open mind. I am not saying I am for nuclear waste or against it but I’d like to learn more.”

Nuttall, two councillors and a hospital representative will all visit the Darlington Nuclear Plant next month.

“There’s going to be a lot of jobs available,” he said. “I think this is probably 15 or 10 years away, and I’m really interested in the job part.”

The trip to southern Ontario will be paid for by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization.

“We’re going there as a learning curve,” he said.

“There [are] at least 1,200 construction jobs and the benefit for us is that all the jobs, I understand, are over a $100,000,” he said.

“Where is Ignace going to get all these people for construction and so on, so I think it’s important that we look at it.”