Prince Albert Herald,  Matt Gardner
Published on March 16, 2013

Local activists were elated on Friday as members of the Northern Saskatchewan Trappers Association (NSTA) unanimously passed resolutions opposing nuclear waste storage and logging without the permission of local trappers.

The resolutions were among several that were debated and discussed at the 2013 NSTA convention, which was held at the Senator Allan Bird Memorial Centre and attracted hundreds of trappers.However, the environmental ramifications of clearcutting and the proposed nuclear waste storage had made the two resolutions a priority for trappers and activists concerned about the environment.

“We’re very, very pleased, because these (trappers) are the people who are out on the land.” Fish Lake Métis Local 108 president Bryan Lee said.“Their whole livelihood depends on the land. With this resolution passed here at this assembly of the Northern Saskatchewan Trappers Association, what that does (is) it reinforces other resolutions that have been passed similarly by the Métis Nation (of) Saskatchewan, by the Council of Canadians, by the United Church of Canada.”