Sunday, December 30, 2012 by John Divinski

The proposed DGR in Tiverton has another group against the plan.

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The proposed Deep Geological Repository in Tiverton for low and intermediate nuclear waste has another group against the plan.

Known as the newly-formed Inverhuron Committee — its chair Marti McFadzean, addressed Kincardine council recently earlier this month.

The group kis concerned about the effects such a facility would have near the Great Lakes.

McFadzean says some 40-million-people in both Canada and the U-S rely on the Great Lakes for drinking water.

She says a repository near Lake Huron is not the answer.

McFadzean warns that intermediate nuclear waste has the same radiation life span as high level waste except it’s not fuel rods which amounts to 100 thousand years of shielding and protection.

She says for people living about two-kilometres away they’re going to have to deal with noise, dust, air quality and water quality issues in the future, not to mention reduced property values as well.

She says she can’t understand why Kincardine didn’t opt for a referendum on the issue when Ontario Power Generation and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization had talked about just such a procedure at the beginning of the process.

Kincardine decided to do a telephone poll which was conducted in January and February and considered the least effective way, in her mind, of garnering public opinion on the matter.

McFadzean says the Inverhuron Committee will continue to oppose the project and expressed frustration the Kincardine council chose to “seek short term gain over long term sustainability.”

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