Wednesday, October 3, 2012 10:02:19 EDT AM


Has the DGR already produced three lethal consequences?

1) While the NWMO gets busy with a Saugeen Shores locally focused information delivery initiative, what are the people in London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, and Toronto thinking? Even if we convince each other that the DGR is acceptable we will still suffer fatal effects caused by a catastrophic reduction in retirement and resort property values. Ask a real estate agent. Are we already on the way? Now ask the NWMO; what will you do to calm fears and educate the millions we are counting on to retire and vacation here?

2) When so many residents oppose the DGR, yet won’t even pick up a pen and write a letter or attend a meeting can we really blame council for concluding that resistance is very low? Every resident against the DGR who does nothing to oppose the DGR is asking council to proceed to Phase 3 with their blessing. Make no mistake about it. Ask yourself; if I have done nothing to oppose the DGR can I blame council for counting me as a supporter for the DGR? No. Council must conclude you are ok with it all.

3) It is a shame that this issue has strained relationships. I have had very pleasant and productive debates with folks who hold an opposing view to mine. Why not? Opposition or support for the DGR is a matter of perspective. In life, we remain friends with political differences, religious differences, parenting and relationship differences and even Justin Bieber – fan or not – challenges. That’s huge, right?

I would ask readers to ponder each of these points very carefully. (Ok, maybe not the Bieber thing.) We rarely face challenges as momentous as this one. Let�s ask ourselves individually: How have we contributed to this issue and what have we produced for the future of our community?

Doing “nothing” just might produce “something” you will regret forever. Council is facing Phase 3 right now. What are you going to about that right now?

Bob Lauer

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