CNSC briefing recollections leave councillors with two different views (September 2012)

By Sarah Sloan, Shoreline Beacon News

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 9:34:11 EDT AM

A deputation from Save Our Saugeen Shores (SOS) member Patrick Gibbons at last Monday’s committee-of-the-whole meeting was intended to provide council with information in regard to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) briefing in Ottawa August 23.

The briefing, which was attended by 10 members of the public including Town councillors and staff  was set up as an outreach program by Nuclear Waste Management of Ontario (NWMO) to provide further insight into the proposed Deep Geological Repository for Saugeen Shores and other communities.

Gibbon’s allotted amount of time for his presentation was not enough, he said, to give the mayor and councillors a full report on what the CNSC meeting  entailed; enough time for him to respond to councillor Gary Brown’s recollections… quite different from his own.

“The meeting was five and a half hours long and I was given ten minutes tonight,” he said. “I had to select what I said… and there was nothing I said that wasn’t stated at the meeting.”

For nearly every statement made in Gibbon’s deputation, Brown had a different view.

Not being able to respond to any of the points rebutted by the councillor left Gibbons frustrated and said the atmosphere in the chamber that evening was one-sided.

“I was able to make a presentation and I was told in quite a few words I didn’t hear what I did,” he said following his presentation. “Mr. Brown’s (report) was given the final word and that’s what I was disappointed in.”

Had he had a chance to speak to Brown’s comments, he said one of them would have been that Brown claimed the NWMO was not industry owned, whereas Gibbons said 92 per cent is owned by Ontario Power Generation.

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