Letter to the Editor, Shoreline Beacon

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 10:06:02 EDT AM


Who runs the NWMO? The NWMO is not an independent agency. It was formed with initial contributions of $500 million from Ontario Power Generation (OPG), $20 million from Hydro-Quebec (HQ), $20 million from New Brunswick Power (NBP), and $10 million from Atomic Energy Of Canada Ltd. (AECL). Each of the above also provide on-going annual contributions of $100 million, $4 million, $4 million and $2 million respectively, or 1/5 of their initial payments. Together, OPG, HQ, NBP and AECL own all of Canada’s nuclear power reactors, although OPG has the lion’s share.

Why would OPG want a DGR in Saugeen Shores? This one’s easy. Bruce Power produces between 40 to 50% of Canada’s spent fuel, and currently stores a large percentage of the country’s total spent fuel inventory on site at BNPD. Also, according to NWMO’s disposal plan, OPG is responsible for transporting spent fuel to the DGR. If you add in the fact that BNPD is the largest single employer in Saugeen Shores, then the rationale seems clear.

The cost of storing spent fuel forever is expensive. The cost of transporting it up north is significant. If you were OPG, wouldn’t you want that transportation cost to be as low as possible? Why ship it north if you can bury it in your back yard? And since most of the community is dependent on OPG for income, our “willing” participation is all but guaranteed. In a way, our cooperation has been paid for with jobs, although no one likes to admit it.

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