People Opposing Nuclear Waste Need Your Support! (September 2012)

From the Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan
 Dear friends of the anti-nuclear cause:
We wish to thank you for your generous support for the work of the anti-nuclear movement in the past.
As we write, the battle to oppose the burying of high level nuclear waste in northern Saskatchewan continues. 
In 2002, the Canadian government created an entity called the Nuclear Waste Management Organization or NWMO.  It is an entity comprised of the three companies that produce high level nuclear waste in Canada: Ontario Power, Quebec Hydro and New Brunswick Power.  For the past several years, the NWMO has been meeting quietly with various municipal councils in both Northern Ontario and Northern Saskatchewan to find a community willing to bury high level nuclear waste deep in the Canadian Shield.
Since the spring of 2011, a network of northern First Nations and Metis people has emerged, called the Committee for Future Generations, who are taking the lead in organizing against the nuclear industry’s agenda and the proposed transportation and burial of nuclear waste in Saskatchewan’s north. 
This past summer, they held a gathering at which northern elders came together and spoke with one voice against the idea of burying high level nuclear waste in the Canadian Shield. 
To continue their work, the committee has expressed the need for a solid funding base to cover the costs involved, particularly for travel between remote northern communities.  Their plan, in the coming months, is to travel to different communities across the north and provide a counter-balance to the propaganda of the nuclear industry.  The Committee for Future Generations also plans to bring a number of elders down from the north to speak in Saskatoon at the beginning of November and share their message of saying no to burying nuclear waste. 
(The elders will be speaking in Saskatoon, on Thursday November 1st, at 7:30 PM, at 3rd Avenue United Church in conjunction with a talk by Helen Caldicott.)
We are writing to you to ask for your financial support for the Committee for Future Generations that they may continue to do the work that needs to be done in resisting the nuclear industry agenda. 
They have set the goal of raising five thousand dollars in order to fund their work.  We encourage you to contribute generously toward this end.
More information about the Committee for Future Generations and how to donate, either online or by cheque, can be found at the following URL:
Karen Weingeist, Dave Greenfield, Jim Penna, Randy Fleming, Neil Sinclair and Linda Murphy, on behalf of the Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan.

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