Township of Manitouwadge Municipal Newsletter, August 2012, Issue No. 2

A delegation from Manitouwadge visited the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station on July 26 where they saw firsthand how used nuclear fuel is safely stored on an interim basis. Representatives from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) also briefed them on Canada’s plan for managing used fuel on a long-term basis. The plan, approved by the Government of Canada in 2007, is called Adaptive Phased Management (APM), and it features construction of a deep geological repository for safely and securely isolating used
nuclear fuel from humans and the environment on an indefinite basis.

The project involves building a deep geological repository and associated surface facilities. It is a major national infrastructure initiative that could potentially generate hundreds of jobs in the community and many  more in the surrounding region.

As part of its briefing the delegation learned about the process the NWMO is using to identify an informed and  willing community to host the repository. There are nine steps in the process which is expected to take seven  to ten years to complete. A key principle guiding the process is that it is community-driven, and that the  community has the right to withdraw from it at any time. Agreement to host the facility requires a clear  demonstration of willingness on the part of the community at a grass-roots level.

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