Tuesday, July 17, 2012

by John Divinski, Bayshore Broadcasting

About 100 people showed up for what was being called the No Nuke Dump Summer School at the Southampton Town Hall. Put on Monday night by the Save Our Saugeen Shores group, the event was to discuss the process of possibly bringing a high level nuclear waste Deep Geological Repository to the municipality.

A film was also shown on the continuing development of a DGR in Finland that asked many questions, but found few answers from those developing the site. After the movie, those attending were invited to ask their questions or make comments. Ulrich Pieplow of Paisley, originally from Germany, says there are several DGR sites in his country and in less than 50 -years, there are issues about leakage around a low and intermediate waste DGR.

Pieplow says it should be a warning to local officials that there are issues and the longevity of safe storage is not something that can be taken for granted. He says, Germany is having problems after 50-years and the DGR proposed for high level waste needs to be safe for 100,000 years. Pieplow says locating such a facility near the largest fresh -water body in the world, particularly with so little information on the concept is not a wise decision.

Grace says her argument remains the same —that the public has not been welcomed into the process. She says if the process was open and the DGR still ended up in Saugeen Shores then at least those who are opposed would have had their say. Grace says that appears not to be happening.

Saugeen Shores Councillor Taun Frosst was the only town council member to show up at the meeting. Frosst says he was interested in seeing the movie but didn’t think it shed any further light on the issue. He says there are questions out there and both sides need to talk and get answers rather than fighting each other.

Frosst still maintains though, town council is doing the right thing. He says they’re looking for information like the surrounding municipalities are doing. He says it would be wrong to bury their heads in the sand on the matter.

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