Tuesday, July 10, 2012 11:30:06 EDT AM 

The recent letter submitted by Saugeen Shores council cheerleaders, was in pursuit of Canada�s highly radioactive nuclear waste dump.  As champions of the Nuclear Dump, as supporters of a biased process, and as the community voice of those who are willing to sell the current vision of Saugeen Shores to  the highest bidder, they have  reached a new low.

While hiding their commitment to the world�s largest nuclear dump under the guise of a search for more information they attack members of the community who have the courage to challenge this bias process.  Reactive leaders attack symptoms: signs and acts of protest, and ignore the lack of leadership, from a council that has stopped listening to their constituents. 

Council, is using the Nuclear Waste Management Organization�s manual in their lack of response to Chief Kahgee, the Chief of Saugeen First Nation�s objection to this process.

Local residents in opposition are now being victimized, accused of being: book burners, promoters of horror films, part-time or new residents with no rights, radical and uninformed and finally this week, cheaters who are misleading others.

The Southampton Residents Association has 700 members who represent a cross section of this community who have chosen to champion the vision of Saugeen Shores as one of the few special places like this left in the world.
The Southampton Residents Association has a solid record of positive community leadership including support for community projects like: the historic lighting on High Street, the Jubilee Assessable Park and the Southampton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.

The SRA supports Nuclear Energy; we recognize the importance of Bruce Power and OPG in the production of clean, cost effective energy for the province as well and the positive economic impact on our community.

It makes no sense, to locate the largest nuclear waste dump in the world, here on the shores of Lake Huron.   The research is clear, the stigma attached to a nuclear dump reduces property values, has a negative impact on tourism, and will deter future retirees  to Saugeen Shores. 

There are no new jobs during the 15 years of process, the community will face years of indecision and conflict, followed by 20 years of a boom bust cycle of 500 construction jobs, followed by 400 operational jobs and then eventually 100 permanent jobs.

We do not have a conflict of interest, we are not acting in self interest, we are involved because we care about the future of Saugeen Shores.  We are being attacked by people with self interest, employees and retirees from Bruce Power and people who have family working in nuclear waste management.

We are not radical, tree hugging, anti-nuclear protestors; we are friends, neighbours, and caring residents who have the courage to endure the insults.  Why, because we believe Council�s decisions could bring all of Canada�s highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel to Saugeen Shores.   We do not want our community to be branded as,� Canada�s National Nuclear Dumpsite.�
Ken Robertson
Southampton Residents Association

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