Marchers protest nuclear waste plans in Southampton (June 2012)

Waterloo Record staff
Sun Jul 01 2012

SOUTHAMPTON – About 500 people marched in Southampton Saturday to protest plans to have nuclear waste buried in this Lake Huron community.

In May, Saugeen Shores council unanimously voted in favour of proceeding to Stage 2 of a seven-stage selection process to bury about 4.6 million fuel rods on 930 acres of land, 500 metres deep.

Stage 2 involves exploratory work by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, which is overseeing the selection process, to ensure there are no apparent physical reasons why the community could not accommodate a deep geological repository for toxic nuclear waste.

The site selection process takes about 10 years.

This community is divided on the issue as it has close ties to the nearby Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, the largest employer in Bruce County with about 3,000 workers. The plant is also the largest employer in Saugeen Shores, which includes the towns of Port Elgin and Southampton.

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