23 June 2012

Bullet News CLINTON –  Councillors who toured a site where used nuclear fuel is temporarily stored will now need to decide if they want to start the process for the Municipality of Central Huron to host a site for long-term underground storage.

Seven council members, three administrators and two community members toured the Western Waste Management Facility at the Bruce Nuclear Site on Tiverton today. After the tour, staff from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization gave them an overview of Adaptive Phased Management, a plan to build a deep geological repository and manage it over the long-term.

“It isn’t something that’s going to be shoved down the municipality’s throat. There will be lots of opportunity for public input,” said Jim Ginn, who is the mayor of the Municipality of Central Huron. The possibility of hosting a site will come back to the council table soon, although he said the final decision is many years down the road, sealed by a community consensus that will probably involve a referendum.

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