Posted May 16, 2012

Four months ago, Saugeen Shores council deferred the committee-of-the-whole recommendation to proceed into Step 2 of the Deep Geological Repository process for site selection in Saugeen Shores for used nuclear fuel.

Council was more decisive Monday night. In a unanimous recorded vote, Saugeen Shores councillors said “yes” to moving ahead with the preliminary site screening and to learn more about the process.

The vote was not what the standing-room-only-crowd were hoping for, especially the five delegates who presented their reasonings for not going ahead with the DGR process.

The first to make a deputation was Ken Robertson, president of the Southampton Resident’s Association (SRA). Speaking for the group, Robertson said council’s decision to move ahead was not about seeking more information, but rather another step in a multi-step process that could change to community forever.

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