NWMO Announced End Date for Expressions of Interest (March 2012)

Written by: NNL Staff on March 30, 2012.

THUNDER BAY – In May 2010, the NWMO initiated a site selection process for Canada’s Used Nuclear Fuel Repository and Centre of Expertise for the long-term management of Canada’s used nuclear fuel in an informed and willing host community. The nine-step process to select a site will take 10 years or more to complete, and begins with a community expressing interest in learning more about the project, the NWMO and the site selection process.

Interested communities are the focus of a progressively more detailed set of scientific, technical and community well-being studies, and phases of learning to assess the suitability of the community for the project. Communities may leave the site selection process at any time up until the signing of a final agreement, which is still many years in the future. An expression of interest by a community triggers a process of broad outreach and discussion of the project with neighbouring communities and potentially affected Aboriginal peoples.

To date, a number of communities have expressed interest in learning more about the project, the NWMO and the site selection process. At this time, 15 communities are actively engaged in the site selection process, including several that have asked the NWMO to begin more detailed preliminary assessment studies (Step 3). As well, a number of other communities have requested information and briefings and are considering participating in the site selection process.

The NWMO is planning to suspend the expressions of interest phase of the site selection process on September 30, 2012. New expressions of interest will not be considered after this date….



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