Nuclear waste a concern for the north – Pinehouse & English River, SK (December 2010)

Local News
By Melissa Mangelsen/Nipawin Journal
Posted December 8th, 2010

Penny Swartz and Sandra Finley, of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, were in Nipawin, Nov. 27, to bring awareness to the issue regarding turning northern Saskatchewan into a nuclear waste disposal site.

Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, Larissa Shasko, was supposed to attend as well, but something came up last minute and she was unable to be there.

Surprisingly, many people in the province are unaware that the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO), which is a group created by Canada’s nuclear electricity industry to find a new home for nuclear fuel waste, is looking for a place to bury high level nuclear waste in Canada and that Saskatchewan is in the crosshairs.

Two of the dumpsites they are targeting are at the Métis Village of Pinehouse and the English River First Nation.

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