No to nuclear waste: petition by Wawa residents (November 2011)


Protest opposing Wawa even being considered a nuclear fuel waste dump garners 800 names; residents should take time to learn more before dismissing bid, official says

By Shirley MIlls

Posted November 1, 2011

Those opposed to community even being considered as a nuclear fuel waste dump made their presence known during the final day of public consultations on the proposed project.

A petition, Take Wawa Off the Study List ­ We Do Not Want It, bearing some 800 names, was presented to Mayor Linda Nowicki during he fourth day of Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s open-house information sessions at the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre.

“Atomic Canada want an acquiescent community … 800 voices raised in protest in our small community is not an acquiescent community,” said Ann Hicks, who, along with Marie David, launched the protest.

“Therefore, by their rules, we must be removed from the process.”

It was recently determined the area is suitable to host a deep geological repository for used nuclear fuel waste, council has learned when the Nuclear Waste Management Organization released results of an initial screening process. The company said this early information hasn’t confirmed the suitability of the community. Instead, screening informs a community if there are conditions that would exclude it from further consideration.

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